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PowerShell TFS Build Server Utilities


You have two options of how to install these CmdLets you can install them as a Snap-In or as a Module.

As this project is written using .Net Framework 4.0 you need to follow the steps at this link

Once that is done you have two options Installing this as a Module or a Snap-In

Run the InstallUtil.exe from your .Net Framework 4.0 folder generally it's in your <<Windows Folder>>Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\ folder.
You need to run this command in the command line or in PowerShell: InstallUtil PSTFSBuildSnapIn.dll
Run the following command in PowerShell to add the registered SnapIn: Add-PSSnapIns PSTFSBuild

Run the following command in PowerShell
Copy PSTFSBuild.dll to your Modules directory. Typically it's My Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\
Run the following command in PowerShell to add the Add-Module PSTFSBuild.dll

To have the SnapIn and Module run everytime you start up powershell but the Add-Module and Add-PSSnapIns commands into your PowerShell profile.

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